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your tax refund and

Earn a $103 Wally Reward Card.

Here's How!

Directly Deposit Your Tax Refund to Your Money Network ® Account.

It's the fast2, secure and rewarding way to receive your tax refund.

And, it’s easy! When you’re ready to file, you’ll need your Money Network Account and Routing Number on hand to request that the refund is directly deposited into your Account. Within 30 days of your refund being loaded into your Money Network Account, a $103 Wally Reward Card to Walmart will arrive in your inbox1.

Get Account & Routing Number

Subscribe to Money Network Helpful Tips Emails.

As long as you have opted in to receive promotional offers and helpful tips emails from Money Network, and your tax refund has directly deposited to your Money Network Account, we will send your $103 Reward Card to the email address associated with your Account. Already subscribed? Great! Wally wants you to verify the email address on file is correct.

Use Your Refund Wisely.

Wally the Tax Owl recommends using the extra funds to improve your overall financial wellness.

  • Pay off any high-interest debt you might have like credit card or loan balances.
  • Create an emergency expense fund using the Piggy Bank tool on the Money Network Mobile App*.
  • Spend it on something you really need or an item that will help you save money over time, like an energy efficient appliance.

How To Claim Your Reward

If you use the Money Network® Service for Walmart and have your tax refund directly deposited into your Account, then you’re eligible to receive the $103 Wally Reward Card.

Just follow the simple steps below

Step 1

Find your Account Number before you File

Log into your Account on the Money Network Mobile App*.

Go to My Settings, click on Account & Routing Number.

Select Show Full.

You can also find your Account Number on by logging into your Account and clicking “Direct Deposit” on the website dashboard.

Step 2

Use Routing Number 084003997 & Your Account Number to Request your Refund

Provide your tax preparer with the Routing Number and your Account Number.

If filing yourself, enter the numbers under direct deposit in the Refund section of your tax form.

Be sure to choose “Checking” as the account type.

To track your refund, visit or call the IRS Refund Hotline at (800)829-1954. Walmart, Money Network® Service for Walmart, and MetaBank® do not have any information on the status of your refund.

Step 3

Subscribe to Money Network helpful tips emails for special offers

Log into your Account on the Money Network App*.

Click on My Settings, Communication Preferences and check the Helpful Tips box.

Click the Finish button.

You can also subscribe on Log in to your Account, click on My Preferences, check Send me emails regarding helpful tips and features of my Money Network Account and then Save.

Wise Words from Wally!

Be on the lookout for the email with your $103 Wally Reward Card within 30 days of receiving your tax refund. When you get it, Wally reminds you to add it to Walmart Pay so you can use it to pay for purchases at any Walmart store in the United States or shop online. It’s a great way to quickly and securely use your mobile device to access the Wally Reward Card and track your spending.

How to Set Up Walmart Pay on the Walmart App*

Don't Have a Money Network Account?

Enrolling is quick and easy. Just visit or ask your HR representative for an Enrollment Kit. Enrollment processing may take 24 hours or more.

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